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The TempMinder (TM 3000) is a High and Low Temperature Thermostat with Memory. The TM 3000 is powered by a 12 VDC supply from the AM 2000. We also recommend using the TM 3000 as an emergency high heat thermostat with the CM 6000. 

  • Internal Relay trips at High and Low Set Points 

  • Normally Open & Normally Closed contact can activate an alarm

  • Digital Display (English/Spanish)

  • Display flashes if Set Points are exceeded

  • Records High, Low, and Average Temperature

  • Monitors Temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius

  • Reliable, Easy to Install and Set up

  • Enclosure rating IP65 and IP66 (Water Resistant) 

  • Coming Soon: Capability to extend Tempsensor up to 300 feet

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