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Check Out Our CM 5010


The CM 5000D is the first curtain emergency ventilation control for both tunnel, conventional, and confinement buildings with curtains or fall out panels.

The delay is adjustable between zero to ten minutes. Anything close to zero helps the provider test the system and the curtain winching system quickly. Anything between zero and ten minutes is used to protect while ignoring local electrical problems. Ten minutes may be practical for young poultry and livestock, and other sizes under some extreme weather conditions. The adjustment also provides the operator with the ability to match the transfer time on an automatic standby generator.

  • Great for Tunnel Houses/Conventional Houses

  • More Management for your Poultry and Livestock

  • Economic- use low voltage wiring

  • Adjusts for age, seasons, and automatic transfer generators

  • More frequent testing becomes more reliable

  • Totally Digital

  • You Can Test the Battery

  • An Alarm Output

  • Lighting protection

  • Winch Kit Included- 3 more can be added. 

Winch Kit 1510

  • The WK 1510 is the original WK 1500 U but with a reed switch. The reed switch can be used as an alarm output or for "Automatic Tunnel Mode" using the CM 5000D. The reed switch is a good safety feature. When the reed switch is wired to the normally closed circuit on your alarm system, anytime the winch opens it sets the alarm off.

  • The WK 1510 is packed standard with the CM 5010. We want to provide as much safety as possible.

  • When using the WK 1510 on all winches with the CM 5000D, the winches will all fall at the same time. 


Mark 220 Informer 


The Mark 220 monitors electric power, high and low temperatures, static pressure, and water pressure. Outputs can be an audible siren, and visual flashing light. Reports to the operations manager when a critical need arises.

Take a look at our bundles: 

Mark 220: Includes a 220 unit, 12V Batterie, and Transformer 

Mark 227: Mark 220 W/ELK SS15, Thermalarm III and 40' of Lamp Cord 

Mark 228: Mark 220 W/ELK SS30, Theralarm III and 40' of Lamp Cord (2x Louder) 

Mark 227/T: Mark 220 W/ELK SS15, TherMinder 2-L, 100' 241 wire for connections, and 40' of Lamp Cord  

Mark 228/T: Mark 220 W/ELK SS30, TherMinder 2-L, 100' 241 wire for connections, and 40' of Lamp Cord  (2x Louder) 

Six Status Indicators 

  • Armed / Disarmed

  • AC Power

  • Alarm status

  • Low AC power

  • 1 Zone of Normally Closed contacts

  • 1 Zone of Normally Open contacts

Two Switches For:

  • ON or OFF


  • Weather and corrosion resistant enclosure.

  • User Friendly

  • 12 volt battery furnished.


The TherMinder is designed to accurately display temperature. It has high and low set-points to trigger an internal relay that can activate an alarm system. Records the high and low temperatures. The TherMinder should be used to monitor growing and storage conditions where correct temperatures can be critical. The output can be wired to alarm systems, Curtain-Minders (to drop curtains on high temperature), and to back up ventilation systems. 

The basic TherMinder operates on a 9 volt battery, but with upgrades we now offer the TherMinder- 2L with a 12 volt battery.

The TherMinder-2L has two LED lights. This one works well on most alarm systems. This unit requires a four-conductor wire to each TherMinder. The TherMinder-2L uses the power from the alarm panel instead of the 9-volt battery. 

  • Turn alarm system on when hot and/or cold 

  • Drops curtains on high temperatures

  • Back up ventilation system 

  • Control zone heating 

  • Monitors egg storage

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