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The CurtainMinder (CM 6000) minds the AC power and releases the

WK 1510 in the event of low power or no power.

There are two modes in the CM 6000: the Reed Switch and Basic Mode. We recommend the unit be Set up in Reed Switch Mode for the most effective minding. The Basic Mode is suggested for Set up only. 

The CM 6010 is a kit that includes the CM 6000, WK 1510 and B1250. 

  • Reed Switch Mode and Basic Mode 

  • 240/120 VAC

  • Digital Display (English/Spanish) 

  • Quick Winch Testing and Battery Testing 

  • Adjustable Delay 10 seconds to 15 minutes 

  • AlarmMinder Output 

  • TempMinder Power Supply 

  • Controls up to 4 winches 

  • Monitors Low and No AC Power 

  • Reliable, Easy to Install and Set up 

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