The TherMinder is designed to accurately display temperature. It has high and low set-points to trigger an internal relay that can activate an alarm system. Records the high and low temperatures. The TherMinder should be used to monitor growing and storage conditions where correct temperatures can be critical. The output can be wired to alarm systems, Curtain-Minders (to drop curtains on high temperature), and to back up ventilation systems. 

The basic TherMinder operates on a 9 volt battery, but with upgrades we now offer the TherMinder- 2L with a 12 volt battery.

The TherMinder-2L has two LED lights. This one works well on most alarm systems. This unit requires a four-conductor wire to each TherMinder. The TherMinder-2L uses the power from the alarm panel instead of the 9-volt battery. 

  • Turn alarm system on when hot and/or cold 

  • Drops curtains on high temperatures

  • Back up ventilation system 

  • Control zone heating 

  • Monitors egg storage

Thermalarm III

Pro-Tech's Thermalarm III uses hermetically sealed magnetic switches, eliminating concerns with corrosion and particle contamination.

  • Easier set hand adjustment 

  • Quicker response to temperature change 

  • 20 degree Fahrenheit -- 110 degree Fahrenheit

  • Can be connected to alarm system 

Thermalarm III.jpg